SONS OF GOD by Pastor Paul Locke for 13/12/2016

Angels definitely are not sons of God but ministering spirits for the heirs of salvation (Heb 1:14) and nowhere are fallen Angels given status except as demonic slaves of Satan. It is true that the sons of Adam were the sons of God who were polluted through the original unforgiven sin.They knew about good and evil through the forbidden fruit and everyone had a responsibility to deal with their fallen nature by repentance.All earthbound animals not on the ark drowned in the flood. (Gen 7:23)

Seed of Woman is a prophetic word given about the coming Messiah, our Lord Jesus Christ. (Gen 3:15)The rebuke given to Eve in the narrative would have left her without hope except that prophecy gave her a future.The punishment of pain in childbirth and expulsion from the Garden was harsh if she was to suffer alone except that Adam was made equally guilty and shared the burden. (Gen 3:16)The devil made me do it excuse she made tries to avoid her own culpability.

Gaia spirit a satanic spirit affecting women whose presence in the garden was the root of all evil.The lust for power is like the love of money in the world today. (1Tim 6:10)The Womenís movement today is the Gaia spirit at work trying to upset Godís order of man being head of the woman.Corruption of this order gives rise to the Homosexual spirit that makes women Lesbian and men to commit unnatural acts with other men. (Rom 1:26-27)Men and women are equal in the sight of God.

Pre-adamic flood is a timeline of animal creation and could have spanned millions of years because Genesis is an historical narrative as opposed to the creation of man that has a certain timeline of 6,000 years ago. (Gen 5 & 10) Ape men biblically are called Nephilim who went onto the Ark as animals and man did not come from apes.The main difference between the species is that man was given the Spirit of God and made in the image of God and called Sons of God. (Gen 1:27 & 2:7)

Born Again Christians have cast off the demonic spirits that inhabit all flesh and taken upon themselves the Holy Spirit.They have the right to be called Sons of God. (Jhn 1:13)Lack of knowledge hides the incredible power that comes with this new creation and these Christians exercise this power through speech.Jesus told them that they have been given the same power and that they would do greater things than he. (Jhn 14:12)Rise up you people of power and change the world for good.


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