SOUND MIND by Pastor Paul Locke 23/06/2016

Mind link to God is a constant input output situation where we pray in our mind and God speaks to us in our mind. (1Cor 14:15)  Sometimes God speaks to us with audible voice heard by many when the message is meant for the many. (Acts 9:7)  The question is ‘Do all people hear from God?’ and the answer is yes.  For those who belong to the devil it is the Holy Spirit who convicts them of their sin but for those in Christ Jesus then He says, ‘My sheep hear my voice.’

Devil cannot read our minds but can input thoughts and the reason we are given the gift of tongues is to isolate our conversations with God so as the Devil cannot know what we are praying. (1Cor 12:10)  Suicidal thought is input from the Devil in the form of an evil spirit who causes us to sin.  Negative speech is the tool the Devil uses against us.  Power of the tongue is a weapon he uses for ‘Power over life and death is in the tongue.’ (Pro 18:21)

Loss of control of the mind allows the Devil to take over and that is the danger of drug taking, drunkenness, pornography, or hypnosis. (Php 3:19) Coming out of addiction is a process that fails through lack of understanding by Medical Practitioners who usually live in a void lacking spiritual knowledge.  They succumb to the wiles of the Devil also because demonic spirits are like fleas or germs that transfer from one person to another.  Protection is through the blood of Jesus. (Php 3:21)

Deliverance comes through repentance and not some manmade formula, ‘In God all things live, and move, and have their being.’ (Acts 17:28)  Born again is not just some slick statement made by some TV Preacher but a real state of right standing with God.  God is good, all the time, and it is His will to give mankind a choice to be in His family or in the Devil’s family and the choice is made easy by the Holy Spirit revealing the truth through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Eph 6:19-20)

Ambassadors of Jesus Christ are Born Again Believers who ‘Have not been given the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind.’ (2Tm 1:7)  The question you should ask, ‘What must we do to be saved?’ because if you are not Born Again you cannot see the Kingdom of God, nor can you enter. (Jhn 3:3-5)  Repent and ask and receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit to be Born Again, a new creation in God. (Lk 11:13)


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