SUKKOT by Pastor Paul Locke for 20/10/2016

Exodus is celebrated by Israel in remembrance of escape from slavery of Egypt at Sukkot that occurs between 16th and 23rd October this year.  Our team visited Israel during Sukkot 2011 and John and Elaine participated with Jewish neighbours in their Sukkah erected in the carpark of our block of flats at the beachside of Netanya.  Our mission was to anoint all the high places in Israel to bless the nation and bring the Holy Spirit latter day outpouring. 

Plead the Blood is voicing by faith to the heavens asserting authority through the shed blood of Jesus for the forgiveness of our sin. We appeal to the Judge of the Universe our God to complete the work that He has begun. (Php 1:6)  We plead the Blood of Jesus over Jerusalem and Israel and Jews worldwide and command Satan to take his hands off them in Jesus’ name.  Let the harvest of Israel begin; by them saying, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.” (Mtt 23:39)

Feast of Tabernacles is one name for this time or Feast of Booths.  Most importantly it is called the Feast of Ingathering of the harvest and if refers to souls as well as crops.  World Christians are recorded as being the “seed of Abraham by faith in Jesus Christ” pure Jews in the eyes of God. (Gal 3:29)  They are all watching Israel for signs that will come to pass and God will pour out His Spirit in the fullness of time. (Rom 13:11)

Messianic Jews are those who apply their faith in Jesus Christ to deliver them from the coming devastation. (Rom 11:25-26)   They will be taken up to be with Jesus and leave Israel almost vacant with a remnant of hard hearted Jews to become targets of the Russian invaders. (Ezek 38:4 & 11)  This remnant will flee to Edom for refuge until after God has poured out His judgement on Russia and their Muslim confederates for their plot to invade Israel.

Prophetic Message of God is what I feel was given to me this morning and I urge all of Christendom to pray that the outpouring begins in Jerusalem for the sake of Israel.  Muslims in Israel will not be missed in the outpouring and they will be blessed with the revelation that Jesus Christ is Lord. (Act 2:17)  Apostle Peter quoted Joel on the day of Pentecost and revealed that all people in the world will have the Holy Spirit poured onto them, so get ready. (Acts 2:38)


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