SUPERMEN AND WOMEN by Pastor Paul Locke for 2/06/2016 and YouTube

Jesus demonstrated what he could do on earth when he said, ďPeace, be stillĒ and the wind and the waves obeyed. (Mk 4:39)Jesus spoke to a fig tree and it withered and died because he cursed it for not bearing fruit. (Mtt 21:19-21)Jesus tells us that nothing was created except through him which tells us that he is the God of Creation.He tells us that he is the Lord of the Harvest and of the Sabbath with all authority in heaven and on earth.He is Lord God Almighty the great I AM.

Christ The anointed one of Israel was Jesusí plan to bless the world as the seed of Abram. (Gen 12:3)All Israel believe in the prophetic word that God would send Christ to save them but only could see him as a conqueror and not the suffering servant revealed in prophecy. (Isa 52:13-15)Jesus Christ came as the Lamb of God to be sacrificed for the forgiveness of sin of the world and revealed when John the Baptist greeted Jesus at his baptism in the Jordan River.

Spiritual Gifts are given by Jesus to born again believers as witness of Godís miraculous power on earth. (1Cor 12:9-10)Power to work miracles is all encompassing power by God in whom all things are possible.This supernatural power operates through our faith linked to the gift of Godís faith. Jesus sent men and women to preach the Gospel and made them his Ambassadors clothed with the Holy Spirit and power. (Mtt 28:18-19)

Word Power is on our tongues which has power over life and death. (Pr 18:21)The Word of God is powerful and effective it goes out and accomplishes and does not return void. (Heb 4:12)The power born again believers have is activated when they speak forth Godís word who will act on his promises.God is not a man that he would tell lies, therefore this guarantees action; so when we bless those who curse us we hand them over to God for action.

Super Powers means we can fly from one spot to another (Acts 8:39) or wage war in the spirit world.The full armour of God is clothed by the Holy Spirit and this armour deflects harmful fiery darts in heavenly realms and on earth. (Eph 6:16)Binding evil spirits stops their activity and loosing releases the power of the Holy Spirit in heaven and on earth.Hearing the Gospel has supernatural power to save the hearer.


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