SUPER WEAPON by Pastor Paul Locke for 13/04/2014

Israel has been given this secret weapon by God for their defence.  The ancient Prophets have foretold the coming events when it will be deployed by Israel to save them from extinction.  A failed effort by the Russians with an Arab Confederation to invade Israel is the first event, (Eze 38:3-8, 22) and later a two hundred million army that plans to conquer Israel is destroyed. (Rev 9:16, 16:12-16)  No one can defend against the deadly power of this weapon.

Death rays similar to the effects of a neutron bomb comes to melt the eyes and tongues from enemies and blocks of ice fall from the sky to crush people.  The killing power of the Ark of the Covenant is recorded in the Holy Bible as being as fire that is released when unauthorised people touch the Ark. (Lev 10:1-3)  The supernatural power seems to be released through irreverence such as when the seventy Jews looked into the Ark. (1Sam 6:19)

World Rulers are the people who have this weapon and they are Jews who try to live in peace with no ambition of conquest who will be made to rule the world from Jerusalem by God. (Eze 37:10)  The result of the defeat of the Russian-Arab alliance is that Russia will no longer have a place of power and almost all the Middle East is annexed and ruled over by Israel.  Edomites the Palestinians will no longer exist as a race of people. (Eze 35)

Armageddon is the place when absolute power is handed to the Jews by God after the destruction of a two hundred million army by the sword that comes from the mouth of Jesus. (Rev 19:15, 21)  The Antichrist and the False Prophet are thrown into the Lake of Fire and Satan is locked up for a thousand years.  To become a true Jew (Rom 2:29, 3:21-25) is to believe in the Grace of God extended through the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sin for all people for all times.

Mass Exodus of Christians to heaven is when Jesus Christ comes in the clouds and calls them up. (SoS 2:1-13, 1Thes 4:16-18)  Like Noah and the Ark a rescue of the righteous or Lot and his family taken out of Sodom on the day before the bad things happen.  Like the flood, or the fire, the seven year Tribulation begins after the Saints; ‘the restrainers of Satan’ are removed.  It is the Saints who return with Jesus to rule and reign for a thousand years. (Rev 20:6)

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