TALKING SPIRITS by Pastor Paul Locke for 12/05/2016 and YouTube

Authority on earth was given to Adam a spirit in a flesh body and later to Satan a demon spirit in the flesh body of a snake. (Gen 3:1)  Angels the Messengers of God manifested as men to guide mankind now that man has sin that separates him from direct speech with God.  Prophets took over the role of messenger as a constant presence of God’s Word to mankind.  Faith in an invisible God became the way of righteousness. (Gen 22:18)

Creative Power was evidenced in God’s Word in the Genesis account when He said, “Let there be light.”  Adam made in the image of God was given creative power to name and subdue the world. (Gen 1:1-28)  Power was lost to Satan in the Garden and restored through the plan of God when Satan illegally crucified Jesus an innocent man.  Restoration comes by faith in the sacrificial blood of Jesus Christ.  Power of mankind now operates by this faith. (Rom 10:17)

Supernatural Power operates through the Holy Spirit the working arm of God. (Gen 1:2)  One God with two arms: one arm is Jesus and the other the Holy Spirit.  Jesus tells us that through him and by him all things were created. (Jhn 1:3)  God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are one and operate together as one, but for the sake of mankind is revealed in their separate roles otherwise the death and resurrection of Jesus becomes too confusing to mankind who is required to believe as a child.

Speak into being for righteous men are lessons for believers when God said to Ezekiel, “Prophesy to these dry bones and they will come to life.” (Ezek 37:4-6)  The righteous are hedged with angels who are ministering spirits to the heirs of salvation and they along with ‘more than twelve legions of angels’ can be called upon. (Mtt 26:53)  The power of one angel was revealed outside Jerusalem when 185,000 of King Sennacherib’s army were slain during the night. (2Kngs 19:35)

Protection by God comes to the righteous. (Ps 5:10-12)  Spiritual law is ‘Do not touch the Lord’s anointed’ so only infidels would ignore the warning to their peril.  Satan in the temptation of Jesus revealed God’s protection saying, ‘He will command angels to lift you up so as you do not strike your foot against a stone.’ (Mtt 4:6)  Born again believers are Jesus in the eyes of God because the same Holy Spirit in Jesus is in them.


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