TEMPLE MOUNT by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 27/11/2015 and YouTube

Dome of the Rock was constructed on the vacant Temple Mount Moriah in Jerusalem as an important Mosque to Muslims.    The first Jewish temple was built on the site that was purchased by King David for God. (1Sam 24:24) That Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians who captured Jerusalem and scattered the Jews. (Jer 44:6)  The Second Jewish Temple had been destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD and then scattered Jews into exile.

Saladin who in 1187 occupied Jerusalem was used by God to remove the influence of the Crusaders over the Middle East.  The Crusaders were called Knights Templar and became the scourge of Europe during the time of the Spanish Inquisition.  According to some sources they were murderers of about fifty seven million people until the Pope removed their commission that allowed the King of France to make war on them. 

God has a plan and boundaries were drawn defining the Davidic Kingdom that would last forever. (2Sam 7:13)  The people occupying the land can be blessed or cursed according to Scripture (Mal 1:3 & 3:16) and there is a simple way to escape the curse.  The Dome on the Rock can be handed over to the Jews as a peace offering and God willing may be used as the Third Temple.  The final Temple is God himself in the New Jerusalem that comes down from heaven.

Second Coming of Jesus is a triumphant return with a great army. (Rev 19:11-16)  For it is written, “Every knee shall bow… every tongue confess, that Jesus Christ is Lord.” (Php 2:10-11)  If you fight God, you lose, so eat humble pie and bow to the inevitable.  Gamaliel a Jewish wise man advised the Sanhedrin giving examples from the past saying that if these men are not from God they will fail, but if they are then you will find yourselves fighting God.

The Antichrist plans to be worshipped as God in the Temple in Jerusalem (Rev 13:14-15) and can only succeed if the Church allows it.  Christians have power over him through the Blood of Jesus and can block his plans.  God will change his mind when we pray the prayer of Moses to save the Israelites in the wilderness. (Ex 32:11-12)  The peace offering should be made now before the restrainer of Satan the Church is lifted up to be with Jesus, because the false peace of Satan will follow the rapture.


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