THE DIVISION by Pastor Paul Locke for 10/03/2016 and YouTube

Goats were used in sacrificial offerings to God to cover sin.  “The blood of goats and bulls and the ashes of a heifer sprinkled on those who were ceremonially unclean; sanctify them so that they are outwardly clean. (Heb 9:13)  The blood of Christ cleanses our consciences an inner cleansing so that we may serve God.  Goats symbolise sin when sheep are those who are in the family of God through faith in the blood of the covenant in Jesus Christ. (Heb 9:20)

Sheep is the word used by Jesus to describe believers and also for the lost sheep of Israel who were entitled to the healing children’s bread. Sheep without a shepherd are helpless or able to be scattered. (Mtt 9:36 & 26:31)  The shepherd prevents wolves in sheep’s clothing scattering the flock and goes out to find the lost sheep. (Mtt 7:15 & Lk 15:4-6)  Jesus said, “My sheep hear my voice” so we can hear His voice if we care to listen.

Division is when the sheep are separated from the goats. (Mtt 25:32)  The first division is already taking place in order that we can be ready for the Rapture.  Those left behind will be quick to be ready after witnessing the departure of the first lot of saints.  They will be dressed in white, the robes of righteousness and are taken up at the second rapture. (Rev 7:14)  Goats will be left behind after this and suffer the consequences of the Great Tribulation a time of pain and death.

Constrained by the urging of the Holy Spirit to overcome the world and not be part of the godlessness in the last days. (2Tim 3:1-5)  The message to the churches in the book of Revelation is a timely warning on what to do or avoid doing the wrong thing. (Rev chapters 2 & 3)  Clearly sheep and goats are in these churches and there is an urgent need for the goats to be born again with the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

New York is the scene of the video game “The Division” depicting angry street battles.  In real time the people are demonic examples of what is to come when Godly people depart in the rapture. (1Thes 4:16-18)  New York should get ready for the quick sharp revival that is to take place very soon.  This may be your last chance to join the family of God before the first rapture that is called the first resurrection a great blessing. (Rev 20:6)


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