DECKCHAIR ON TITANIC by Pastor Paul Locke for 26/02/2015

Spill motion in Australian government is a large backbench voicing disapproval of leadership and is a pointless exercise unless a suitable replacement is found.  The problem is that all the bases are loaded with the wrong people that will keep the ship heading towards the iceberg.  Jesuits and Freemasons wear the same hats behind closed doors and these politicians abound in world politics to the detriment of the people they swear to serve.  Opposition Labour leader has admitted being a Jesuit.

Corporatisation of assets takes away control of our country and our votes become meaningless.  This is the plan of the New World Order the child of Satan who wants Nazi like power of life and death over people everywhere.  Spiritual warfare is the only way to cancel the evil plan so all Christians should pray against the loss of sovereignty through asset sell off.  The late Barry Smith pronounced that Australia was almost totally foreign owned.

Constitution change is the only legal way these evil people can steal our rights and through deception conned the Aborigines to agree to change.  Aborigines were given full citizenship rights through the last referendum about them.  Klu Klux Klan kills black people all around the world so they will not give anything to the Aborigines but use them to freeze the land for later use when they plan to kill them off.  Ask N.T Aborigines if K.K.K. is operating in Australia.

Greece is a test case for the New World Order on how to pauperise people and make them powerless.  Food control is the weapon of Eugenics to kill off most people in the world and take over empty nations.  The plan is to have a world population of less than half a billion.  The Bible tells us that a time is coming when people will have to pay the equivalent of a day’s pay for one day of food.  People can escape this terrible situation.

Escape Theology is mocked by unbelievers but the truth is that Born Again believers will be lifted up to be with Jesus on the very day that the Tribulation starts.  Jesus gave the examples of Noah and on that day when the righteous were aboard the Ark, then the rain came.  Another example He gave was of Lot being saved out of Sodom and on that day the fire came.  One needs to believe in the atoning death of Jesus and be Born Again by the Spirit of God a new created relationship with God.

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