TOP LEVEL by Pastor Paul Locke for 6/07/2017

Power levels of Born Again believers are measured and those empowered are described as Milk or Meat Christians. (Heb 5:13)  This is reference to growing and being perfected in the Lord.  Knowledge is acquired through time where understanding is a process of learning and applying the tools, the Gifts, given by the Holy Spirit.  Powerless Christians simply do not understand the workings of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. (1Cor 12:27-31)

Steps are using the gift of Faith to work each of the gifts and this Faith is God’s faith activated by a believers ‘Mustard Seed sized faith’ (Mtt 17:20)  The anointing that accompanies the application of a gift powerfully affects you to the degree that you may not be able to speak. (Lk 1:64)  As we grow in the Lord our ability to withstand the effects of the anointing grows and we become mighty in the Lord and say ‘Let the weak say I am strong’.

Toe in Water is the illustration of a believer sealed with a deposit of the Holy Spirit a one talent person who has only received the basic introduction that can be lost if not invested. (Mtt 25:24 & 30)    The different measures are a reference to the levels of the power of the Holy Spirit exercised by faith.  There is a top level for believers and like combatting witchcraft by Apostle Paul when he contended with the Sorcerer Bar-Jesus on Cyprus. (Acts 13:6)

Ability given by God to prophecy was foretold to Saul after being anointed by Samuel the Prophet. (1Sam 10:6)  The gift of tongues also seems elementary however being able to call down fire is the Elijah level anointing of working in miracles.  The double portion is called the Elisha anointing that overpowered demons of Jezebel the witch that Elijah failed to conquer.   Wisdom was the gift given to Solomon and to us along with Knowledge that allows us to properly emulate Jesus. (Eph 3:10)

Top Level is where we are confident through relationship and revelation of God by the Holy Spirit and able to be led to do those things of God. (Eph 3:12)   Revival is not fuelled by human effort but by the presence of God who opens the way for us to follow.  Apostle Peter was called to preach to Cornelius and his household and God sovereignly imparted the gift of the Holy Spirit to those who heard and they praised God in the gift of Tongues.  (Acts 10:44-46)


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