TORMENT by Pastor Paul Locke for 28/01/2016 and YouTube

Bullies at school are common and feed on weakness.  I changed schools in Year 8 and had daily fist fights with other students who tried to bully me.  When the biggest bully in the school tried to bully me; he left defeated, then the bullying stopped.  Torment by demons in the spiritual realm is like school bullying, and one needs to stand ground. (Eph 6:13)  Satan uses old sin to torment us when we forget that we are forgiven and God does not remember. (Jer 31:34b)

Pre-flood World was teeming with demons and giant Nephilim bullies.  God dealt with this issue by flooding the world and saving the righteous to start again. (Gen 6:18)  The Nephilim went onto the Ark as animals and later lived among the Philistines as the sons of Anak. (Num 13:33)  The torment of Goliath came to a quick end in the hands of David who was aware of his shortcomings and relied on God for help. “I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty the God of the armies of Israel...”

King Saul was regularly tormented by evil spirits and used the music of the harp that David played to deliver him. (1Sam 16:14-17)  This style of torment is called spiritual oppression when the demons remain on the outside.  Saul worshipped God but had lapses of sin therefore was not possessed like other men who worshipped idols.  God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and calls on everyone to repent.  This delivers people from evil spirits. (1Jhn 1:9)

Severe torment of the Gadarene demoniac caused him to run naked and cut himself with stones because he was possessed of a legion of demons. (Mk 5:1-8)  Torment by evil spirits caused a boy to throw himself on a fire; however Jesus delivered the boy in a like manner of the Gadarene.  (Mk 9:22-23)  Jesus identified sickness with demons but with one exception to show that Jesus had power on earth to forgive sin.

Naming spirits was used by Jesus to take authority over them such as “Legion, deaf and dumb spirit, spirit of infirmity” and others. (Mk 5:9)  Jesus said, “What is your name?” and we as believers do this in the name of Jesus.  Jesus said, “This will only come out by prayer.” (Mk 9:28-29) and this prayer is a prayer of repentance by the afflicted person.  Demons like to show off, so go about your business quietly not drawing attention to yourself or what is going on.


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