TRIBALISM by Pastor Paul Locke for 1/02/2017

Mankind was created in the image of God and given godlike power until the fall through disobedience. (Gen 1:27-30)  Man was now without excuse for sin because he now had the knowledge of good and evil and this knowledge was a generation curse. (Gen 3:16-17)  Man now had the task of toiling to produce his own food and the woman now having to suffer the pains of childbirth.  So far they were a family until Cain killed his brother Abel, then Cain became a nomad with the ‘Mark of Cain’.

Tribalism became the curse through self-worship (Gen 11:9) and the curse was later confirmed when Israel a blessed nation was divided into twelve tribes.  These tribes divided into north and south kingdoms that went into captivity.  Even their Messiah was not revealed to them through unbelief and the Jews are still suffering as scattered tribes throughout the world. (Rom 11:8)  Australian aborigines suffer division by self-worship, some indolent and others righteous in Jesus.

The Problem for mankind is the satanic Territorial Spirits now in charge over them.  Sent from the presence of God because of sin means they no longer are the true image of God and fall short of the Gory of God. (Rom 3:23)  Jews know the promise of God to bless brothers who live together in harmony, (Ps 133) so I suspect they have retained the Hebrew language as an outward sign of unity when scattered all over the earth.

Common causes are the glue to bring people together as tribes and we see sporting teams support as tribal focus.  What they are really saying is that they belong to a tribe and that tribe excludes others as enemies. (Gen 16:12)  Extremism as a supporter is an outward sign of demonic influence that takes hold when our attention is diverted.  The battle is spiritual of good against evil.  How can Satan cast out Satan?  If you use the finger of God then the Kingdom of God has upon you. (Mtt 12:28)      

War weapons are included in the full armour of God and used for pulling down strongholds. (Eph 6:13-17)  Christians who are Born Again have been issued with powerful gifts of the Holy Spirit and are part of the full armour.  Jesus through his death and resurrection and shed blood has won the battle so a Christian needs is to re-enforce the victory by faith.  The end of tribalism is Christianity which is all inclusive as a family of every person of any colour or nation. (Gal 3:28)


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