ABBOTT TRIPLE BYPASS by Pastor Paul Locke for 15/10/2016

Budgie Smuggler garment really is hiding a small head of John Howard like the Martian Rebel Quanto in the movie Total Recall.  Ex PM Tony Abbott can return if he stands for something instead of being a Howard Puppet.  He is a rebel without a cause and he can change that today if he understands that in God all things live and move and have their being.  It is God who allows appointment of leaders or lets them fall down; so he should ask why did God let him be pulled down?

Powerful Demon is the homosexual Gaia spirit that usurped him and I wrote about Norman who had this demon that caused people to vibrate when they were near him.  Jesus in me overcame that demon and now Norman is in heaven with Jesus because I was there to help him before he passed away with aids.  Tony, you say you are a Christian, so prove it and take up the anti-same sex agenda with the fury of the Lord.  Turnbull supports the satanic homosexual community.

Last Attempt to pray with you was to be my last, but God is on my case telling me not to let you go to hell.  The only way to remove the curse you took upon yourself through the Rhodes Scholar oath is to be baptised in the Holy Spirit which is the Second Conversion revealed in the Catholic Catechism.  Just ring me and then Richard Smith a Spirit filled Catholic and me will come to you and pray an eight second prayer with you and impart the Holy Spirit.

Conviction is your need and comes through the Holy Spirit; so all Born Again Christians need to read this.  (In the name of Jesus I bind the spirit of unbelief and fear in you Tony Abbott and claim you for the Kingdom of God.  May you have no peace until you repent and be baptised into the Holy Spirit!)  Afterwards you will have no trouble asking Pauline Hanson to forgive you for your dastardly act of pulling her down.

Christians know the reason God allowed the world to be flooded or the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and it was because of homosexuality.  The Bible clearly teaches in Romans 1 that God is on the homosexual case and describes the wickedness very clearly.  Christian acceptance of their behaviour is ungodly and proof in Australia that less than ten per cent are supporting same sex marriage can come through a joint Referendum with the Aboriginal poll.


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