ABORIGINAL TROJAN HORSE by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 31/05/2017

Beware of Greeks bearing gifts is a saying; so watch out for the sucker punch.  Constitutional change in any form is like opening a can of worms, so one should ask Aborigines ‘Are you an Australian citizen?’ and is it greed that motivates you to seek more than other Australians?  Take for instance people on welfare in our cities who are drug or alcohol dependent become street people sleeping rough because the income cannot support the habits.  Are Aborigines immune?

Ugly Aborigines are those who continually refer to ‘them and us,’ ‘invasion,’ ‘our land’ and ‘genocide’.  Personally I would give these people nothing and remove them from public office, for they are blight on society.  The Aboriginal Protection Act was to prevent them from drinking themselves to death, and ATSIC was to promote well-being until corruption made it necessary to close it down.  You want truth; goodwill to a thankless people has a short shelf life.

Beautiful Aborigines are those who genuinely care for the children of degenerate parents.  I had the privilege to call the late Jacqueline Paulson from Louis Street, Redfern my friend.  She fostered at least sixty children in her lifetime and raised them to be God fearing citizens who loved her.  If she were not Aborigine; then the ugly ones would call the children ‘stolen’.  There are very many beautiful Aborigines and they will tell you not to create a division with the rest of Australia.

Hitler arose to power by changing the German Constitution through deception of accusing Communists for a Reichstag fire.  He successfully introduced the ‘Enabling Act’ that gave him dictatorial powers and killed non Aryians.  Globalists are these people in today’s world and information vital to Aborigines are found contained in Graham L. Strachan’s book ‘22 Steps to Global Tyranny’.  Contact me if you want to purchase a copy of this book.

Quote from Book ‘…individual rights, freedom of speech, private property, the traditional family, religion, and many other things Australians take for granted, are going to disappear forever.’  Look what they have done in Africa where all the assets are owned by foreigners and the people are starving because of corrupt native rule by power acquired through the barrel of a gun.  Power of Globalists comes through ability to cause disunity among the people.  God wants unity.


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