UKRAINE by Pastor Paul Locke for 4/03/2014

Russian folly is that atheism leaves them without divine revelation of their future.  History shows that the brutal post world war two takeovers of European nations such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and Hungary was made possible by contrived invitations from 5th column politicians.  This scenario is being played out again in Ukraine where the invitation from deposed President of Ukraine is deemed to be a legitimate excuse for invasion.

Hooks in Jaw is how God describes the method that will be used to bring Russia to Israel where they will be destroyed.  The method is now revealed when the Russian Army is encamped on the border of Ukraine and another call will be made from Syria to settle the internal dispute by Russian invasion.  The access route will be allowed by Iran, Turkey, and Syria and the success of the action will prompt them to continue into Israel at the invitation of Palestinians.

Hailstones will be the method used by God to completely destroy the Russian Army along with their Allies on the hills of Israel.  This is not the battle of Armageddon but a forerunner that God will use to convince many that Bible prophecy is real and the time is short.  Bible believers see the scenes unfolding like a stage play and know ahead of time what is to happen next.  At the time when the Church of Jesus Christ, the restrainers of Satan, is removed, hell breaks out in many forms.

How soon? Is the question the world should ask?  It is happening right now so just watch the news reports on Ukraine and know that it can not be stopped.  The first of four blood moons will appear as a sign for Israel and will occur this Passover.  This sign from God is to herald the Second Coming of Jesus Christ their Messiah.  Only the ultra religious Jews will ignore the sign until the inevitable time when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Antichrist is the servant of Satan who will lead the New World Order to destruction along with the armies from the East in the valley of Armageddon.  When the Church disappears seven years will elapse until this time called, “The day of the Lord.”  The best way to avoid the carnage is to believe the Lord Jesus as your saviour; for it is written about the times, “If the times were not cut short, then no one would survive it.”

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