URI GELLER by Pastor Paul Locke 20/07/2016

Invisible force to bend spoons was the stage presentation of Uri, and we might ask was it a trick or some invisible force?  Sceptics have shown that this spoon bending by trickery can be duplicated.  Moses on the other hand used God’s power to perform miracles enough to convince Pharaoh that God was on his case. (Ex 12:31)  God’s creation power was exercised by the Holy Spirit when God spoke into being the universe, stars, planets, and earth. (Gen 1:1-19)

Magicians use sleight of hand and deception to make it appear that feats are magic.  Simon the Sorcerer in Samaria was recorded as seeing the hand of God working in the lives of those who heard the Gospel preached by Philip. (Acts 8:13)  He saw Philip perform miraculous acts of healing and deliverance just by speaking the Word.  Acquiring the power for himself was foremost in his mind until being rebuked by Apostle Peter. (Acts 8:18-23)

Two Worlds the visible and the invisible are revealed in the Bible and the invisible is the eternal.  This is the invisible spirit realm and they operate there because they do not have a flesh body and therefore have no authority in the visible realm.  Angels and Demons operate here and exert influence over flesh in the visible world. (Eph 6:12)   When flesh speaks the tongue has power over life and death, so we are encouraged to bless and not curse. (Prov 18:21)

Christians have been given keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and when they bind or loose on earth, then those things are bound or loosed in heaven. (Mtt 16:19)  Precedence is given to heaven then those things manifest on earth.  The Gospel, deliverance, miracles, healing, salvation, are all things that God has ordained as eternal works that bring about God’s will that all come to repentance, therefore all heaven rejoices when a sinner repents. (Lk 15:7)

Jesus came to do the work of the Father and also to appoint others to follow him and become ‘fishers of men’. (Mtt 4:19)  Allure is the normal way to entice a fish to bite and has been used and now replaced by a net for the harvest is plentiful and the workers are few. (Mtt 9:37)  The net is the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in these last days that drags all people into the kingdom.  No one can be a Christian unless drawn by Jesus who said, “I will draw all men unto me.”


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