AMERICAN REVIVAL by Pastor Paul Locke for 12/06/2017

Prophets on YouTube in America are speaking of revival or else judgement and righteous church leaders are praying in earnest for God to bring revival.  I note that an abundance of preachers are not addressing sin from their pulpits and this is revealed by God to the Prophets.  How can people change unless the message is preached for them to hear?  A small group of street preachers in Australia are willing and able to come and start the spark of Holy Ghost Fire in America.

Australian problem to me is that American churches are no different because of paranoid Pastors who will not invite us to minister to their flocks.  However God has always required evangelists to go into the market places to win souls and not inside churches.  Everywhere we go as a small team, revival breaks out.  God gives people visions of Angels that fulfils our destiny because we are seen as Angels serving God in visions.

Iban Headhunters at one time were unreached with the Gospel and when Missionaries found them they were already Christians.  They claimed that four Angels came to them and preached in their language and they believed the message.  During our daily prayer in a group in Parramatta I had a vision of the four of us; we were standing on palm stumps preaching to a large gathering of scantily clad natives.  Shortly afterward Dr. Crispus Ratnum visited Sydney and told us about these Angels.  He said, ‘They were not Angels but Christians in prayer, translated in the Spirit.’

Republic of Congo Bishop Matthew Wilondja had a vision of five angels visiting him, and Jesus revealed to me that He was the fifth Angel and our group were the four.  We only stayed for three days and a revival broke out affecting ten nations in East Africa.  Revival broke out in Israel after we travelled for two weeks by taxi and anointed all the high places.  We prayed with joyful Jews and Muslims imparting circumcision of the heart to them.

Kenya revival is activated since our recent trip there, however our resources have been drained temporarily and wait for some help.  God has shown me we are to go to Britain to start a revival there and it seems as though we must go via west coast of USA where a revival will also start.  I now think God is sending a team of eight of our street ministers to do this work.  Pray for God to supply our needs for we are praying also for you.


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