WEAK WILLED WOMEN by Pastor Paul Locke for loxland.com 26/02/2016 and YouTube

Godlessness in these last days is blight on the world that ruins blessings of God on nations.Women who are not weak willed are convinced that God is on the Throne and go about their business of being noble women. (Pro 31:10-31)Islam can only flourish through weak willed women who allow young daughters to be mutilated and become slaves to men.Their boys are not disciplined by mothers and therefore cursed to be warlike antichrist men. (Heb 12:14-17)

Womenís Hair according to God is their crowning glory and only covered when praying.The Bible speaks of hair length that defines whether one is male or female, so women who look like men or men who look like women is ungodly. (1Cor 11:14-15)The exception is those women who cannot grow hair or men like Tarzan who grow up with apes.New Testament teaching is that old things have passed away and all things are new for those in Christ Jesus. (2Cor 5:17)

Competitors in sport are usually separated into sexes because of the imbalance of muscular strength.Women who look like men are wilful in their lustful pursuit of other women or men like women target men. (Rom 1:26)This private pursuit matters little to a nation, however a widespread acceptance of this godlessness by nations guarantees judgment of God otherwise God would have to apologise to Sodom and Gomorrah for their destruction. (Gen 19:29)

Deliverance from sin of one thousand New York witches through the ministry of Dr Rebecca Brown many years ago shows that Godís eyes are on the Sparrow. (Lk 12:7)Preaching of the Gospel is powerful and effective like a double edged sword and able to touch the hearts of the hearer who through it receives saving faith.The word of God goes out and accomplishes and does not return void. (Col 1:25-29 & Heb 4:12)

Half the World is made up of women, so half the preachers should be women.Many mighty women are revealed in the Bible from the beginning and even now are women carrying the torch for Jesus.Jesus came as the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world. (Jhn 1:29)When we have faith in the work of Jesus and His shed blood we can claim to be Christians and therefore are commissioned to go into the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. (Mtt 28:19-20)


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