Partnership in the Lord is vital to the work of the Church

We are all called by the Lord to worship through obedience to His commands in the first place; then praise and thanksgiving are next.  When your assigned calling is made clear to you by God, then you step out in faith for the anointing of God for the task to manifest in your life.  Anointing can be shared with others through partnership; take for example Bezalel and Oholiab when God anointed them to create the Tent of Meeting, the Ark of the Testimony with the Atonement cover on it.  The anointing was first on Bezalel and came upon Oholiab along with the other partners to do the work.  Apprenticeship really is a walk into the anointing of the Teacher through partnership in the work; take for example Elijah and his apprentice Elisha.



There are many different anointings and this ministry has most of them through the many Pastors within the group.  We partner one another sharing in the work which was clearly demonstrated to the Church in East Africa when we visited.  They recognized the gifts and sought to be partners with us in the work of the Lord.  The Church in East Africa is experiencing a rapid in gathering of souls for the Kingdom because they make new converts aware of a partnership they now have through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.  Time is so very short before Jesus comes for us and the anointing that breaks the yoke is carried with us and these new partners to touch people wherever we meet them.  The responsibility of partnership is to pray for your partners.  To be our partner you just need to let us know so we can pray for you daily, so the act of contacting us is the conduit for our anointing to flow onto you.  


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